Cypress Palm Middle School

Naples, Florida



Awards: FEFPA First Place Middle School Design, 2008

Size: 158,300 s.f.

Features: This prototype middle school has 1- and 2-story components and includes 27 classrooms, 3 skills development labs, 9 science labs, 5 resource rooms, band / vocal / orchestra, art lab, media center, administration, food service, gymnasium, multi-purpose rooms, stage, business lab, family & consumer science lab, technology lab and health occupations labs.

It is proposed to reuse this prototype design for future middle schools in the District. The middle school’s two-story design is compact, takes up less land and allows for better security. The rooms most used by the public, including the media center, gymnasium and stage are all on one side of the building and there is one main entry point.


Architecture;Interior Design;Planning;Project Development

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