Top Traits Needed to be an Architect

You first heard from our President and most experienced Architect at our firm. Now, recently promoted from Intern Architect to Project Manager, Kirk Bauer tells us what it takes to make it in the industry. He credits his first hand success to these traits.

Architecture allows for freethinking and challenging status quo. This allows designers to explore new concepts that can become new solutions for the given situation.

The training of an architect is a long and tedious process. Late nights and tedious research wear down motivation.

Architecture is not for the faint at heart. There will be failures. Yet the failures should not be seen as a waste of time, but an exploration of process.

Architecture is connected to the human element. Architects are the protectors of people from the built environment tasked with creating inspirational and intimate spaces. The most rewarding aspects of the profession is when you change people’s lives for the better through design

Architecture is not just about the appearance of a building but how the integral building systems come together.It takes understanding and knowledge of how plumbing, mechanical, electrical,and structural systems must work together.