SRQ BIM User Group Kick-Off Meeting

We had a FANTASTIC turnout at our first SRQ BIM User Group workshop! There were over 30 attendees including engineers, architects, manufacturers and contractors from the region. Presenter Juan Ocaña gave an overview of Building Information Modeling and a Revit demonstration. The workshop concluded with an open forum where the attendees discussed other platforms, industry trends, and the future of the group. Check out a couple of the slides and photos from the event below! 

Thanks to everyone who came out! We're excited for the next meeting. 

For more information about the group, email juan.ocañ

BIM is process that streamlines design and construction to reduce costs & avoid setbacks

End Result = Digital Replica of Building

Revit Demonstration: Pre-Rendered and Post-Rendered Image

Benefits of joining the user group:

1. Networking

2. Access to new training resources

3. Partake in open discussions in a neutral environment

3. Meet other professionals in the industry to share information and experiences

Thanks again to everyone who attended!