August 2016


Families & Shared Parameters

Our third workshop was held August 3rd, and presented courtesy of Advanced Solutions. Jason Mounteer presented how to create and modify families. He included important advice along the way such as the importance of "flexing" your families to test the functionality of their constraints. Jason then dove into the world of shared parameters, and how these can be leveraged to schedule information embedded in families.

If you're interested in the materials used in the presentation, click on the Dropbox links below:
Powerpoint Slides

Additionally, Jason wanted to share the following related links for building families and using shared parameters.
Autodesk Style Guide for Families

Family Parameter Types

Shared Parameter Definition

Family Formulas

Coming Up...

Our next meeting will take place Wednesday, October 5th, at the Fawley Bryant Office in Lakewood Ranch. The topic will be Graphics & Visibility presented by Juan Ocaña. Please see the RSVP link below, or email


RSVP for October 5th

Step Right Up!

Are you the Software Guru of your firm? Or even just advanced in certain features or processes? We are always looking for people to present to the group, so we can all learn from each other. Some topics requested include, Revit Categories, Exporting/Importing between Software and Creating Detail Components. We're also interested in hearing if you're using cutting edge technology, such as Virtual Reality or 3D Printing.

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