Building On A Foundation - The How and Why Behind Our Rebrand

Established 23 years ago, Fawley Bryant Architects has history. We’ve been a part of some of the most notable projects in the region, we’ve supported government legislation to implement change, and we’ve partnered with top business professionals from multiple industries. We’ve worked hard to establish our relationships, reputation and success.  So when the Management Team and Owner, Mike Bryant,decided it was time to rebrand, it was a decision not taken lightly. The goal:highlight our process, highlight our projects. This year, after much deliberation and thought, we are proud to roll out the new brand image for Fawley Bryant. And while some of the changes are small, they help us take a giant step into the future.

First and foremost, it began with our name. Fawley Bryant Architects evolved into Fawley Bryant Architecture. On a daily basis, we strive to make architecture an engaging process, from every client meeting and design charrette, to every phone call. We design and draw dreams - not our dreams but our client’s dreams. So, in an effort to emphasize that collaborative,discovery-filled process, the name transitioned from Architects to Architecture.

Smart Beautiful Spaces, our tag line, came next. We asked ourselves:

What do we want to be known for?
What do we do?
What sets us apart?

The red thread throughout all of those answers, the thing that made them all relate, was the thoughtfulness behind our work. Everything we do is for a reason; it is SMART.  Our Director of Interior Design, Sarah Colandro, quickly reminded everyone that everything is also BEAUTIFUL. The word SPACES is also purposeful. We do so much more than just buildings. We do outdoor spaces,educational rooms, interior design, master plans, and more. Spaces is all encompassing. So are our design capabilities.

“There is a significant amount of thought and discussion that goes into a rebranding; but the end product should be simple, noticeable and foster a strong emotional connection to the company. The Fawley Bryant brand developed over time by caring about our clients and community. Our careful work and relationships have created that strong emotional connection. Fawley Bryant is evolving in much the same way our clients are evolving. We share your passion for work, for the spaces in our community, and for your unwavering care for each other. Like hearing a familiar song in a new way, Fawley Bryant’s new logo retells a story of creating smart, beautiful spaces for our great friends.”

-Stu Henderson, Vice President & Director of Design

With the name and tag line finished we worked with a local graphic artist to help bring a fresh, vibrant look to our message.  Adorning the windows of our newly remodeled Downtown Bradenton Office and seen on our new business cards, website updates and office signage, our new graphics are bold and youthful. Our branding evolution has taken us on a journey of self-discovery while allowing us to celebrate the history and reputation established dating all the way back to 1994.