Atelier Talk and Tour at IMG Academy

We recently had the opportunity to present at an Atelier Talk for Center for Architecture Sarasota. Hosted on the campus of IMG Academy,Stu Henderson, our Director of Design, spoke about Fawley Bryant’s process for planning and designing for world-class athletes. We toured 40 members of the community through 5 of the buildings on campus: The Field House, The Academic Center, The Campus Center, The Performance Center and the Stadium. All designed by our talented team, we take great pride in the end result. In case you missed the event, we thought you could take advantage of this virtual visit.

The evening began at the IMG Academy Fieldhouse, the home to IMG’s football, lacrosse, and baseball teams.

The dedication this academy has for its students is plastered among the walls with names and images, every inch designed to bring focus and encouragement to the athletes.

The second floor overlooks the football stadium and includes meeting spaces and classrooms, making it the perfect location to fit all 40 guests during the Atelier Talk.

Our last stop in the Fieldhouse were the locker rooms. With convenient laundry shoots and state-of-the-art lockers, it is easy to forget you are on the campus of a high school.

The tour took us to the Academic Center. The design behind this building focused on IMG’s preferred smaller class sizes; every classroom is just big enough to fit 12-20 students.

Following the Academic Center was a walk through of the Campus Center Lobby, the connective tissue between all aspects of student life at IMG.

The Campus Center is a true student-centric environment. The east side offers a bookstore and health services, while the left lobby has private dining access and a check-in desk to assist guests. The second floor is a large space for relaxation and studying.

The Performance Center is the new heart of IMG Academy’s athletic programs, and the fourth stop on our tour. Fully equipped with weight rooms, a cardio mezzanine, and yoga spaces, the Performance Center has it all.Overlooking the two story workout space is the vision and mental acuity center where athletes develop their peripheral vision, cognitive training, and visual tracking skills.

While in the Performance Center, guests got a glimpse of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. Located within the Performance Center, this technical and elegant space combines sports and science to create a highly refined and efficient laboratory and presentation space.

The final stop took us to the Fawley Bryant Suite in the IMG Pressbox. This feature of the football stadium features multifunctional broadcasting and press rooms and hospitality rooms. Here, those that joined us on our tour enjoyed refreshments and hors’ devours, mingling, and chatting with Stu.

Thank you to IMG Academy for allowing us to showcase your beautiful campus, and your continued partnership. Thank you to Center for Architecture for bringing the community together and giving us the platform to tell our story on.

For more information on our work please visit our portfolio.